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A children’s book is more complicated than a person would be tempted to think at the beginning. Duck for President, despite all of these, managed to become one of the most well-known, with extremely interesting narratives that gained the attention of people and parents all over the world. If you think you can manage an entire trivia about Duck for President, then you should have no problem with these samples.

Duck for President is a children's book written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by whom? Released in 2004 through Simon and Schuster, the New York Times Best Illustrated Book follows the further adventures of whom? In this story,Duck becomes frustrated with Farmer Brown's rule over the farm, and holds an election for what? Show us how much you know and give all the answers.

See how well you remember the story Duck for President!

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  • Sample Question
    What animal(s) has the most chores to do?

Can a duck succeed in his desire to rule the country? Will he stay the president or go back to the farm? If you've read this book, please, show us how much you know about it! 

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  • Sample Question
    Who wrote this children's book?

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