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And the beat goes on! Yes! And here we go with our quizzes about drums and drummers as well! Do you know the difference between timpani and a conga? Do you know all the names of the drums in a drum set? If I tell you the band, can you name the drummer? Well, if you really are a true drummer, then show us that you can “beat” our quizzes!

Check out our collection of quizzes, test your wits, and also learn a new stuff along the way. Anything and everything there is to know about drums and drummers are here! So what’s keeping you from taking our quizzes? Just go with the beat, and get ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll! Good luck!
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A fun way to interact with your friends and learn valuable information for all serious drummers.

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    A larger stick usually creates a larger sound? True or False

Below is a Drumming Techniques Trivia Quiz For Beginners. Some people think that being a drummer is all about hitting it and hoping you get a beat, but the fact is that perfecting your drama skills is just like science. It takes...

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    The Conga drum was originated in Africa


Drum Questions & Answers

When was the drum invented? says drums, made from natural objects, were the first musical instruments used by modern mankind during the prehistoric era. Modern mankind includes the species Homo sapiens or the first anatomically modern humans. Historyofdrums.
What drums does a drum kit include?
A drum kit will typically include tom-toms, a snare drum, and a bass drum. Of course the kit can’t be played without accessories such as drum sticks, a pedal for the bass drum, and a stool. Other instruments such as cowbells and three to five d
What is Darbuka?
The darbuka is a goblet shaped drum known as the “foremost percussion instrument in Middle Eastern music.” It originated from Turkey, Armenia and Egypt and is also known as the “heartbeat of belly-dancing”. Clay, wood, and som
Why is the tambourine considered a percussion instrument?
A tambourine is considered a percussion instrument because the definition of this kind of instrument includes any that “makes a sound when it is hit, shaken, or scraped.” A tambourine can make sounds when it is hit and/or shaken. For exa
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