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After an early acting career in Australia, Dominic Purcell entered the American entertainment industry with a small part in Mission Impossible II, which was filmed in Australia. He soon moved to America and in 2002 released the film “Equilibrium” and appeared on the television show “John Doe” as the title character. Since then, he has continued to add to the dozens of film and television credits to his name.

Did you know that he really gained notice when the show “Prison Break” aired? He attended the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, where he was classmates with Hugh Jackman! Do you think you’re a big Dominic Purcell fan? Do you know these trivia facts? Try out some of our quizzes and see if you can answer more questions like these!

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    What is the name of the Australian television series in which Dominic Purcell landed his first major role in 1997?

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    Which of the following television shows did not feature an appearance by Dominic Purcell?

Who remembers this hero from the TV series 'Prison Break'? Dominic Purcell is an England born actor who shot into the limelight by playing a title character in the 2002 hit John Doe. How well do you know him?

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    In which year was Dominic born?