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Do you know which Doki Doki character are you? The Doki Doki literature club is a book that tells the story of four girls who are trying their best to get their club recognized by the school which of the characters from this...

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This game got a perfect score of 10/10 on Steam. On Google, 97% liked this game. Can you believe that, just 3% short of the whole population that have played the game? That is how popular and liked Doki Doki Literature Club is....

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    When was this visual novel developed?


Doki Doki Literature Club Questions & Answers

Should I let my child play Doki Doki Literature Club?
No, please DON'T let any children play Doki-Doki literature club. It has been responsible for two separate deaths of children in the UK. I don't know about US. The free-to-play game opens with warning: "This game is not suitable for children&quo
Who is your waifu in Doki Doki Literature Club?
I don't have a waifu as I wouldn't want to play a sick game like doki-doki literature club. Even it's advocate calls it horror and disturbing which is pretty sick given it's targeting kids. Waifus may look cute, but when they set you tasks and you de
Why is Doki Doki free to play?
Cant you guess why Doki doki is free to play? It draws the player in, captivates even traps him/her in the dating game until the point where further involvement costs money. By that point the player may be so addicted, through identifying with a wai
Why is Doki Doki Literature Club so highly rated?
It's highly rated because of its clever, if dangerous, design. The player is quickly drawn in to friendships with waifus who then take over their lives, really. Tasks are set and choices given, but these choices usually lead to dark avenues of depres
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