Dog Day Afternoon Quizzes & Trivia

Inspired by the real-life Brooklyn bank robbery in 1972, Dog Day Afternoon follows the disastrous attempt of three first time thieves’ attempt to rob First Brooklyn Savings Bank. What was supposed to take 10 minutes became a 24 hour ordeal, resulting in a series of negotiations and botched promises.
Do you know who played the lead character, Sonny Wortzik? This actor went on to win an Academy Award for his performance in Dog Day Afternoon. Sonny was based on the real life bank robber John Wojtowicz. Can you name the other four Academy Awards Dog Day Afternoon won? Today, Dog Day Afternoon is a highly regarded film, with its gritty anti-establishment tones and high intensity plot. Our Dog Day Afternoon quizzes will have you on the edge of your seat – just like the movie. Take one now!

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    Which of these banks was robbed in the movie "Dog Day Afternoon"?