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DME Questions and Answers

  • Durable medical equipment provision is designed to pay for disposable medical equipment?

  • If you are unable to determin if a DME item is covered how do you handle? (check all that may apply)

  • For a 2005 MG or NA ILL League of Fin account if they item is on the DME list it is automatically covered, and applies to the CY max on the plan?

  • In the context of exterior diseases, "chilliness" means that the patient feels cold. This does not mean that he or she has "aversion to cold", i.e. reluctance to go out in the cold.
    Dme question from

  • In context of exterior diseases, if the person has aversion to cold and feels chilly, it indicates _____________.
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  • Aversion to cold is present in exterior invasions of both Wind-Cold and Wind-Heat because the pathogenic factor blocks the circulation of Defensive Qi which cannot warm the body and hence the patient feels cold. TRUE OR FALSE.
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  • Very large, barrel-like chest & epigastrium indicate ___________.

  • Very large upper thighs, out of proportion with the rest of the body, indicate __________.

  • A thin and emaciated body usually indicates a long-standing __________.

  • A stiff tongue usually indicates which of the following?
    Dme question from

  • The Spirit of a person indicates 
    Dme question from

  • In observation, the color of the face reflects the state of ___________ and is closely related to the condition of the mind.
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