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Nobody likes to be thought of as desperate as it's a word that can often carry negative connotations, yet somehow you have to be desperate to get where you really want to be in life. Desperate can go hand in hand with determined, as some people can only perform at their very best when they are put under pressure. That's why you shouldn't worry if you think that you have the desperate personality type.

Relax for a moment, and take our desperate quizzes. What is the profession of the comic book character Desperate Dan? Which rock group produced a 1983 album called Desperate? Don't get desperate if you don't know the answers, there are plenty more questions waiting for you to attempt.
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People are different in how they deal with others and what they expect in return. There are some who will be there for you but don’t need much attention whereas there are others who live off attention. Do you often throw...

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    You and your friend are getting ready for a party. You ask her what she thinks about how you look and she says, "You look a bit chubby." What is your response?