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Derren Brown has many titles under his belt, including an illusionist, writer, painter, hypnotist and even a trickster. Since the debut of his show “Derren Brown: Mind Control” in 2000, he has become famous for his impressive mind-reading acts. Brown has even written books for aspiring magicians. Put your magical memory to the test and see how much Derren Brown knowledge you have locked away by taking our quizzes!

What animal did Derren Brown proclaim that he was a big fan of? Where was he born? What was the name of the book that he published in the year 2002? Abracadabra! Are you ready to take our Derren Brown quizzes? Remember to keep your eyes peeled, not everything is always as it seems.

A Very Hard Quiz About Derren Brown!

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    What is Derren Brown's Middle Name if any?

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