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When it comes to the derby some people go there to see the horses while others go there to show off their fancy hats. You've seen the photos. You may have been to Kentucky Derby. We're here to help you decide what hat is...

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    What male movie star would you like to share a beer or cocktail with?

Cant pick a derby name? well i make up a few. if you wanna use one email me at [email protected]

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    What is your position?

Current version of the WFTDA Official Rules Test

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    True or False:Team A's Jammer is not on the track prior to the jam starting whistle. Team A is allowed to send their Jammer from their bench onto the track to play in the in-progress jam.

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    Are you a fag?

Type description here

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    In 1907, this man began the worldwide Scouting movement in Great Britain. After many years in the British Military, he wanted to show boys ways of good character, virtue, and ability