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Derby Questions and Answers

  • What male movie star would you like to share a beer or cocktail with?

  • What do you take to a pot-luck party?

  • What restaurant will we likely see you?

  • Name the player ?
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  • In what minute did Craig Bryson score this penalty ?
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  • Who on earth is laughing at Chris Martin ?
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  • in 1907, this man began the worldwide Scouting movement in Great Britain. After many years in the British Military, he wanted to show boys ways of good character, virtue, and ability

  • He came over physical disabilities, ill health, and childhood in an orphanage earn a law degree.He then went on to be better known as the leader of Boy Scouts of America through its first three decades

  • Check the three parts of the Scout Handbook

  • Are you a fag?
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  • Do you think about your fat sister naked?
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  • Do you take it up the ass because you're incest?
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