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The demand for aesthetic in dentistry has created a variety of restorative materials meant for dental restoration. Ceramic restorations for instance are so natural looking and the dentists need to carefully evaluate what they...

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    One of the most common restorative materials in dentistry is composite.

This quiz assesses dental hygiene students' readiness to work with patients in a clinical setting.

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    Your clinical patient, Mary Doe, arrives for her semi-yearly dental appointment for a "cleaning and dental examination."  While assessing her soft tissues and periodontium, you note the presence of gingival swelling and redness in the maxillary posterior regions.  You also note bleeding upon probing and periodontal pockets around the following teeth:  #2 - 5mm MB, #3 - 4mm DB, #14 - 6mm DB, #15 - 5mm MB, and #15 - 5mm MLi.  You also detect a malodor.  Your patient has been unaware of the breath odor; however, she does report bleeding upon tooth brushing.  These findings are indicative of:

The Dental Board Exam Prep, Part II examination is a very immense step in obtaining dentistry licensure for qualified dental students, former dental students as well as members of the ADA. Candidates will be expected to properly...

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    If the drug is taken while teeth are still in the enamel developmental stage, it can produce hypoplasia and intrinsic staining. What is the drug that's being referred to? 

The Dental Board Exam Prep, Part I is very important for anyone seeking to obtain licensure in dentistry. It's an exam which has been designed to evaluate qualified dental students, former dental students and members of the...

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    In active transport, materials enter the cell in membrane-bound vesicles. This process is knows as what? 

The Dental Admission Test is also known as the DAT. It's a multi-choice exam which the American Dental Association (ADA) conducts to measure the general academic prowess, ability to comprehend scientifically as well as the...

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    Which of the following statement is false? 

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Dental Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist?
A dental assistant and dental hygienist are different from each other. A dental assistant can work directly with the dentist if in case the dentist would need a bit of help in doing certain things that can improve the condition of the patient’s
Which of the following will not minimize the loss of water from evaporation when working with dental cements?
It's a trick question because it asks which of the following will NOT....A: dispensing the liquid first and then the powder.
What is the term used to define the process of firing porcelain powder to become a solid?
SinteringChanging a porcelain powder to a solid is called sintering. The powder is not melted, so the shape of the restoration is maintained. Burnishing involves pushing the metal toward the tooth to close gaps between the casting and the tooth. Inve