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Defensor Fortis Questions and Answers

  • Where was the military police (MP) (aviation) training camp established in 1942?
    Defensor fortis question from

  • Air Police Security (APS) battalions were designed to protect against all of the following except
    Defensor fortis question from

  • On 1 September 1950, what was established at Tyndall AFB, Florida?
    Defensor fortis question from

  • Range cards are a record of
    Defensor fortis question from

  • What does the acronym FPL stand for?
    Defensor fortis question from

  • Who assigns the final protective line (FPL) if the terrain supports grazing fire?
    Defensor fortis question from

  • In relations to mental preparedness to employ force, when personnel fear becoming the victim of close-range aggression or may have concerns about inflicting injury or death, this fear can cause.
    Defensor fortis question from

  • What level of force does the US Supreme Court hold as reasonable under the 4th Amendment as it pertains to law enforcement and security personnel in the context of making an arrest or other seizure of a person? Law enforcement and security personnel
    Defensor fortis question from

  • In which situation would you not be authorized to use deadly force?
    Defensor fortis question from

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