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Test yourself now and know how much knowledge you haveabout human beings and their different defense mechanisms. You might discover you have one or several of them! It is a fun discovery quiz, all the best.

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    Tim is a shop owner and a thief. He automatically accuses anyone who looks suspicious in his store of stealing. This is an example of what defense mechanism?

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    Two types of phagocytes are:

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    Command Inspection Program

Defence Questions & Answers

What are the main types of Defense Mechanisms?
The types of defense mechanisms are repression, reaction, formation, denial, projection, and sublimation.  
What is the difference between the Army and the Marines?
There are many differences between the Army and the Marines. First, to join the Army, you have to be between 18 and 35 (although you can join with parental consent at age 17). To join the Marines you can be no older than 28. Basic training in the U.S
What makes SR-71 AKA "Blackbird" so cool?
During the phase of the cold war, both USSR and USA were trying to disbalance the nuclear balance by achieving the ability of "First strike". The USSR was more keen on achieving this capability by the Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICB