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Muntjac, fallow deer, chital, elk, reindeer, roe deer, and moose - did you know that all of these are types of deer? Try these online deer quizzes to know interesting facts and trivia about about these hoofed ruminant mammals.

This is just a random quiz, like my other ones.

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    What is life, in your prespective, about?

This is a really fun quiz, in my opinion, because I am a deer freak.

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    Which would you rather be doing?

This is your description.

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    Which of the following are appropriate things to do when handling or yarding deer 

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    In a deer park, deer must receive prompt veterinary attention.

A cloze activity to test reading comprehension

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Deer Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Elk and Caribou?
Both the elk and caribou are part of the larger deer family, but they really have their differences. The caribous are usually found in high altitude places because they like cold. They are better found in Alaska and the cold climatic areas in Russia.
Which is the smallest species of deer?
The Pudu is the smallest species of deer. Deer live in a variety of biomes, ranging from tundra to the tropical rainforest. While often associated with forests, many deer are ecotone species that live in transitional areas between forests and thicket
How long is the gestation period of a deer (red)?
The gestation period of the deer is around 236 days. Gestation is the process of carrying the fawn in the womb. This term actually came from a Latin word, “gestare.” The meaning of this is “to bear.” The fact that the fawn can
How many calves do deer produce?
The deer is expected to have an average of 2 calves. This means that the answer to this question is letter B. There is a lot of deer that produce twins but there are also some who can bear only one calf. There are 20% of deer that can give triplets.