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When you hear the word “deer”, what comes to your mind? “Hey, here’s someone who likes me”? “Nice ruminant mammals with antlers”? Do you picture Bambi in your head? Never heard of him? If you don’t know that Bambi is the sweetest and dearest white-tailed deer on Disney movies, click quickly in our quizzes for you’re in need of some deer knowledge! If you’re a fan of Bambi and all his relatives test how much you truly know about the animal.

How many species does the deer family have? Are fawns cared for by the mother, the father or both? What’s the name of the largest species of deer? What is the only deer native species in Africa? Where can you find the highest concentration of White-tailed deer, Mule deer, Caribou, Elk, and Moose? Be a deer quiz hunter, shoot!

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  • which of the following are appropriate things to do when handling or yarding deer 
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  • 85% of farms in NZ have
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  • 40% of our venison is exported to 
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  • In a deer park, deer must receive prompt veterinary attention.
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  • Calf rearing farms produce calves for finishing at a calf finishers.  Calf finishers buy in calfs from calf rearers. 
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