Deep Blue Sea Quizzes & Trivia

Deep Blue Sea was a film that was released in 1999. This film received a great deal of popularity because of its director as well as the actors who were involved. The film is based on an island research facility where some doctors are harvesting brain tissue from sharks. The purpose of this is to find a cure for Alzheimer's.

During a routine procedure one of the sharks attacks the researchers and now the sharks outnumber the human captors leaving the doctors in need of a way to stop them from escaping into the sea. If you know all about this particular film and you are a big fan, then put your skills to the test one of our many quizzes.

This exercise is designed as comprehension check and vocabulary exercise for ESL learners at the beginning level. They can do this exercise before or after watching the video “The Flamboyant Greek...

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    A soloist is ________________ .

This quiz has been developed to accompany Wellspring Teaching Tools Deep Blue Sea Unit Study, but can be taken independently as well.  Good luck!

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    The ocean covers about 52% of the earth's surface.

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