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There are 10 different starting classes in Dark Souls.The starting classes determine what weapons, clothing, items and spells the player starts out with. This makes each class' play style unique in the beginning, although as...

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    When hanging with friends, how do you prefer to spend the afternoon?

Since 2011, Dark Souls has been one of the toughest video games ever. It's a game where you learn from your mistakes, explore, and try to beat yourself. Only a few are smart enough to beat every monster that's hiding in...

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    What do you do in this game?

Dark Souls Questions & Answers

Who's ruling the world in the first stage of this game?
This is another confusing one. Seeing the answer, I assume you mean in the opening credits, yes? Because from the first moment you get to play the dragons were overthrown. I wouldn't exactly say the humans rule, but, if I remember correctly,humans ar
How many character forms are in this game?
This is confusing. What is meant by "character forms"? Do you mean genders? Hollowed VS Human? Phantom VS Regular?
Where is player character located?
This question could be improved by adding "at the start of the game".