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On the mean streets of Texas, it sure isn't easy being a vice cop. Murder and drugs can be found on every street corner, and sometimes to solve a crime you have to commit a crime or two. That's the dilemma that faces Dolph Lundgren in the hard edged thriller Dark Angel, also known in the United States as I Come In Peace. What makes his job even more difficult is that the people behind the crime wave aren't from Texas, they're not even from planet Earth.

If this science fiction thriller had you watching from between your fingers then you really should play our Dark Angel quizzes. In which year was Dark Angel given its United States release? Can you name the vice cop played by Dolph Lundgren? What is the alien drug dealer called? These quizzes are going to be out of this world.
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This quis is realy going to test your know how of Dar Angel the movie. you are going to be chalanged to the limits. 

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    What is the secret Govornment facility the Transgenics were made?