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Dances with Wolves is a classic tale from 1990 about a Civil War soldier who cultivates a relationship with a tribe of Lakota Indians. He chooses to cast out his former life, attracted to their tribe and simple lifestyles. He is allowed to join the tribe, being welcomed as one of their own and given the name Dances with Wolves.

Of course, things don’t end there. Soon he falls in love with the other white member of the tribe, a women who was raised by the tribe members. But tragedy strikes when Union soldiers appear with new plans for the land on which the tribe lives. If you want to test everything you know about this tragic love story, then take one of our multiple quizzes online and see if you are a native expert. 
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How well do you know Dances with Wolves (1990)? Let’s find out

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    Who is best known as an actor who also won an Oscar for directing the film, "Dances With Wolves"?