Dallas Quizzes & Trivia

There’s a lot more to Dallas than a load of Cowboys and one of the greatest soap operas in the history of television. Will you get a high score and strike oil or will your well come up dry? No cheating though, none of that JR behavior around here thank you or we’ll set Cliff Barnes on you.

So how much do you know about Dallas? Can you tell us what you’d expect to see at White Rock Lake? What kind of visual art would you learn about if going to the ‘Prado on the Prairie’? Which event has been held at Fair Park since the 1880s? What sport do the Dallas Mavericks play?

If you can tell us the answers to questions like those then you’re going to have a great time taking these quizzes about Dallas. Just imagine how proud you’ll feel when you tell your friends how well you’ve done.
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Maybe you've lived in Dallas your whole life or maybe you just moved here... but do you know your city?

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  • Sample Question
     Where can you find this "man" and what is his name?

Answer each question below with a complete sentence.

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