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    Our primitive instincts, and drive for more knowledge come from?

Choose the correct meaning.

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What happens if someone drinks spoiled milk?
You should be able to tell automatically if you taste spoiled milk when you go to drink it or make use of it in your cereal. It can wreak havoc on your digestive system by producing vomiting, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. • It all depends on t
Why is Tumblr full of depressed people?
Tumblr is a platform where people get to share their thoughts via pictures. Most of the people on the platform are actually the outcasts who aim to transmit their thoughts by writing posts. Naturally, it seems as if the place is full of lonely and de
Why is blue cheese a delicacy?
Generally, people avoid mold in foods because of the belief that anything that has a mold is an indication that the food is not fresh anymore and could hence be bad for eating. The food also won’t taste the same due to the whole fermentation pr
What language do babies think in?
Different people have different beliefs. Many people think that babies are not capable of thinking. They are immune to the surroundings and so are relieved of the thinking process till a certain age. This is backed by the fact that a baby’s bra
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