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What happens if someone drinks spoiled milk?
By 'spoiled milk' I think you refer to milk that has 'gone off' or is past the state where it can be called 'fresh'. Such milk that is old, or has been left in a warm place will be undergoing change. The bacteria feed on the lactose at a rapid rate c
What language do babies think in?
Different people have different beliefs. Many people think that babies are not capable of thinking. They are immune to the surroundings and so are relieved of the thinking process till a certain age. This is backed by the fact that a baby’s bra
Who invented bobby pins and why?
We are all familiar with the conventional bobby pins that help us fix our hair and create different styles. Women use them all the time and men usually have to deal with the leftovers. Usually, they are colored black, brown or golden o blend in with
Why does Military have a Military police(MP)?
Military Police differs from army to army and has different roles in different countries. They can either police military personnel or the civilian population or both(French MP). Brazilian MP usually polices the civilian population but also acts as a