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Crisis Questions and Answers

  • Do you have an updated crisis plan?

  • Have you tested your crisis plan?

  • How often do you update your crisis plan?

  • One should learn Gita from ………………? (BG 1.1)

  • Pandava`s victory was assured because of...? (BG 1.14)

  • Supreme Lord Krishna, becoming the chariot driver of Arjuna reflects what quality of Krishna? (BG 1.21)

  • Which of these was NOT a reason for Mussolini's invasion of Abyssinia
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  • Why did Britain and France play for time?
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  • When did Mussolini launch a full scale invasion?
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  • When did the Manchurian Crisis occur?
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  • Which country left the League of Nations at the end of the Manchurian Crisis?
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  • Why did Japan decide to invade Manchuria?
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