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Do you feel ready to take on a challenging quiz on the hit police-procedural TV show, Criminal minds? Have you ever wanted to be part of the FBI and really get inside the minds of criminals, lawbreakers, offenders, and delinquents? If you have the skills to tackle some criminal master-minds then we know that you’ll love tackling our questions on this popular TV show! Do you think you have what it takes?

Spot the clues, gather your evidence and answer questions such as, “Who is Agent Derek Morgan always flirting with throughout the series?” and, “In which episode did Reid reveal that he’s been dreaming of Maeve?” We will test your ultimate knowledge of this show, the different characters, and the cases they take on. Good luck!

Those of you whom are fans of crime shows will likely have binged Criminal Minds at one point in your lives, as it’s a tremendous procedural television series that sees the profiling and analysis of the USA’s most...

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    Which Subject/s are your favourite...?

How much you know about criminal minds? If you have a great passion for detective shows, you must have heard or watched at least an episode of criminal minds. Not only does the show have a group of genius detectives, but it...

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    What was the name of the very first episode of Criminal Minds?

Just like how well you know the show, and how obsessed you are....

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Criminal Minds Questions & Answers

What criminal minds character is this?
This character is SSA Dereck Morgan a not e therefore this is completely wrong!
What is the criminal minds character is this?
Isn't it spelled Morgan? Unless I'm remembering incorrectly from subtitles...
Why does Agent Todd Apear in criminal minds?
She substitutes for JJ while she was on maternity leave. Special Agent Caitlin Todd is a fictional character featured in the CBS television drama NCIS. Jordon Todd is a recurring character who appeared briefly in season four of Criminal Minds as a t