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Courteney Cox has been one of the most well-recognized faces of Hollywood for years. Ever since her first appearance on As the World Turns in 1984, she’s had a steady career in movies and television. Did you know that she has even had several turns in both the producer’s and director’s chairs?

Are you a Courteney Cox fan? Did you know that she was in all 4 Scream movies? Can you name the famous actor that she used to be married to? In 1984, she appeared in a music video. Can you name the song? If you guessed Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark then you just might be a big enough fan to pit yourself against some of our quizzes! Try them out today and see how high you can score. 

Courteney Cox is an American famous actress, who played in one of the most well-known and beloved tv series of all time. If you know the name of this tv series, proof it and take this quiz!

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  • Sample Question
    Which character Courteney played in Scream movie?

Take these quiz questions on the world renowned actress Courteney Cox

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    On "Seinfeld", who does Courteney Cox pretend to be in order to get a discount at the dry cleaners?

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