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Since the creation of the Constitution and the founding of America as we know it, the US Congress has been in place to maintain the government’s intricate system of checks and balances. First question to get you warmed up: The Congress is made up of two Houses – what are they? Here’s a harder one: How many senators are there per state?
As a powerful force of US government, the Congress is responsible for hundreds of actions and decisions. Can you name at least three powers of the US Congress? One unique power of the US Congress is the authority to impeach the President. With great power comes great responsibility! If you know the facts about Congress and their duties to the American people, show off your power of knowledge by taking our challenging quizzes about the US Congress!

Welcome to an informative quiz where we’ll be discussing an important topic in the study of US Government; Congress, which is the term used to define the bicameral legislature of the United States’ federal government....

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    All of the follow make it difficult for Congress to make policy EXCEPT:

A quiz about congress , is good to study if taking a gov course

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    The vice president is a member of the senate

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    Which of the following statements is NOT true about committees?

This quiz is about how Congress is organized, how it works, congressional powers, and how a bill becomes law.

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    How many members are there in the Senate?

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    Do you support the construction of the ram temple in Ayodhya?

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Congress Questions & Answers

Which of the following provisions of a defense appropriations bill is considered a rider?
An appropriation bill is an act done in the legislative that is allowed to spend public money for a certain purpose. A defense appropriations bill would be a type of this bill. Actually, the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2015 allowed the
The representational view of Congress is based on the assumption that members want to get reelected and therefore vote to please their constituents. Under what circumstances is a member of Congress...
When constituents have a clear view on some issue and the issue has attracted attantionCongressman act according to the representational view when constituents have a clear view on an issue that has attracted attention