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Below is a Trivia Quiz on Computer System and it being comprehensive enough to help anyone anticipating an exam on how to operate a computer effectively. A computer is designed to help someone else the amount it takes to do most...

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    Devices designed to protect the computer from static electricity.

Do you have basic knowledge about a computer system? One of the things you know about computers is that it is made of specific elements and components. The quiz below is exactly what you need as a learner to see just how much you...

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    Hardware is any part of your computer that has

Study the topic Computer Systems before you try this test.

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    The Computer is an 'electronic' machine because

A basic quiz on computer systems is exactly what you need as you study to tackle the certification exams that will show you have the ability to use a computer effectively and know all the important parts of the computer. The quiz...

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    The motherboard also called a ____

Registration computer systems are mostly required for hotel booking management with the aim to make reservations easier. For all those who interact with these systems, this quiz is for you. All the best.

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    Which of the following front office applications of a hotel property management system is used for posting charges to electronic folios?

Computer System Questions & Answers

What happens when we load a program?
A copy of that program is made in RAMLoading a program involves making a copy of that program (as stored on a device like a hard disk) onto RAM.
Why is the Computer is an 'electronic' machine?
But how is it if the hard disk is read by moving parts in the computer ? I think that the computer is an electronic machine because it uses ELECTRICITY.
What are the two basic functions of a computer system?
Sending and receiving informationThere are 7 basic functions: input, process, output, send, receive, store and retrieve.