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From banking to businesses, entertainment, administration, education- computers have become a much-needed tool in our daily lives. Want to become an expert on this magic machine? Check out our well-researched online computer system quizzes and enhance your knowledge.
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    The Computer is an 'electronic' machine because

Section 6.3—Quiz: Reservation Computer Systems

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    What initiates the guest cycle at a hotel?

Below is a Trivia Quiz on Computer System and it being comprehensive enough to help anyone anticipating an exam on how to operate a computer effectively. A computer is designed to help someone else the amount it takes to do most...

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    Devices designed to protect the computer from static electricity.

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    INTEL was started in?

Fun fun fun �

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    In a bus topology, how many nodes can transmit at one time? 

Computer System Questions & Answers

Why is the Computer is an 'electronic' machine?
But how is it if the hard disk is read by moving parts in the computer ? I think that the computer is an electronic machine because it uses ELECTRICITY.
What happens when we load a program?
A copy of that program is made in RAMLoading a program involves making a copy of that program (as stored on a device like a hard disk) onto RAM.
What are the two basic functions of a computer system?
Sending and receiving informationThere are 7 basic functions: input, process, output, send, receive, store and retrieve.