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  • Which linker can best connect these two sentences? The official reason for Britain’s declaration of war was the German invasion of Belgium. Britain had undertaken to guarantee Belgian neutrality.
    Computer program question from

  • Which linker could replace the linker underlined in the text below? Although the British government had no formal alliance with France, it considered that it was honour-bound to go to war on her behalf.
    Computer program question from

  • Choose a synonym for the linker underlined in the sentence below. The 1904 Anglo-French entente was gradually extended to protect each other’s interests; hence Britain took sides with France against Germany in 1906.
    Computer program question from

  • Which of these is an input device?
    Computer program question from

  • A monitor is a/an
    Computer program question from

  • The computer used in class runs on
    Computer program question from

  • An advantage of a spreadsheet is the speed of accomplishing what?
    Computer program question from

  • The contents in cells A1 through A6 are 6, 3, 4, 7, 9, and 2. What function would return the answer 31?
    Computer program question from

  • When keying a formula in a spreadsheet, what must you key to inform the program that you are entering a formula instead of entering text?
    Computer program question from

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