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    Which sentence is written correctly?

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    Which sentence is joined correctly?

Is it an element or a compound?

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    Represented by symbols

We have learned that a compound sentence is made up of two simple sentences joined by a comma and a connecting word such as or, but, or and. The two sentences in a compound sentence must have ideas that make sense together.

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    Reba Jo lived on the prairie_________ she loved roping.


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    ……………………………………………  Jargal from?

Compound Sentence Questions & Answers

Can you write three compound sentences?
1. Hurry or you'll be late.2. Ernest is hungry, but he has no food to eat.3. Albert works as an examiner, and Alberta plays the role of a consultant.
What is an example of a compound sentence?
The map was easy to read, but Jena was not good at reading maps.We simply add a comma and the coordinating conjunction, but. Advanced Study: Turning these two simple sentences into a compound is only done if that the compound sentence that you creat