Composting Quizzes & Trivia


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    What type of worms are we using in our composting bin?

Answer this short composting and recycling quiz and you'll be entered in a draw to win one of three prizes of 2,000 Starwood Hotel points! Don't forget to properly recycle and compost at home and in the office. This quiz...

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    True or false: Both the coffee grounds and the filter are compostable.

Worm Composting

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    Which of these can you put in your worm composting bin?

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    What is the name of the worms you should use in a worm composting bin?


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    ¿Qué tipo de gusanos estamos usando en nuestra bandeja de compostaje?

Composting Questions & Answers

What can you do with the components of this cup?
Recycle the lid, compost the the cup and sleeveThe cup and the cardboard sleeve are compostable and the plastic lid is recyclable. The sleeve is also recyclable and can be put in the paper recycling.
Name everything that can be recycled in this picture:
The pop cans The plastic bottles The tin canPlease separate your recycling into the appropriate kitchen bins - pop cans/bottles (anything with a refundable deposit) - plastics, metals and glass - clean plastic bags
What is composting?
1. recycling scraps of fruit, vegetables, and other organic materials by planting them outside.-composting upcycles organic kitchen and yard waste and manures into an extremely useful humus-like, soil end product, permitting the return of vital organ