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  • In the episode Bats!, fluttershy turned into a vampire fruit pony.

  • What Does FIM mean?

  • When I first called you and asked if I could call you again sometime, what did you say?

  • In the one class we had together during high school, what was the teacher's name?

  • What is the first word of the first song I wrote for you?

  • on a narrow channel, you hear 2 prolonged blasts and 2 short blasts from a vessel behind you, what does this mean?
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  • If you hear two short blasts from a vessel you can see, what does that mean? 34(a)  int'l
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  • At night you are nearing a bend in a channel, what are you required to do?
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  •  If a customer calls in to cancel their EFT, you would:
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  • In states other than Arizona, the insured must choose a sweep date:
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  • If a premium-increasing endorsement is processed within 10 days of the due date of installment number 2 on an EFT policy:
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