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Do you know when the famous Coachella festival founded and by whom? How much money does it generate? Take these online Coachella quizzes to find out and learn more.
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Everyone knows or at least has heard about the Coachella Festival at least once in their lifetime. This festival is actually an art and music festival held every year at the Polo Club, in Indio, California. Have you ever attended...

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    Who founded this festival?


Coachella Questions & Answers

When will Post Malone perform during this year's Coachella?
Coachella has to be one of the biggest music festivals that people would like to go to. People are always excited to know who are the people who will perform at the festival. Some of them are waiting for Post Malone. Post Malone first performed in Co
What should I expect to see/do when I attend Coachalla?
Well now, apart from mega stars performing at the height of their fame, there's always spectacle. Coachella manages to put on truly memorable experiences back by their own stunning background of swaying palms, that are lit at night, and glistening po
How bad is the traffic around Coachella?
When it comes to traffic at Coachella, one should be prepared for a lot of it and should plan ahead several hours when it comes to getting ideal seats and being able to have ideal camping areas and sites when it comes to setting up in the Camping Are
What past Coachella performances do you wish you would have seen live (but didn't get to)?
Obviously, missing Beyoncé's "Performance" was a tragedy. Everyone said it was truly epic. Otherwise, I have to go on other festival-goers' descriptions, but sad not to have seen New Zealand popstar Lorde who apparently gave her own
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