Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Quizzes & Trivia

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind is a unique science fiction and horror film which focuses on the scenario that makes the stuff of all science fiction: alien encounters. Do you know what year the film was released? Are you able to name all of the stars of this film? What many people do not know is that The Weinstein Company is responsible for releasing the highest number of movies per year.

Another fact many people do not know is that this film fits into the horror genre, and there is one horror film which continues to receive a great deal of fame, much like this film and that is Day of the Dead. This film, many do not know, featured turkey legs that were specially barbecued to look like human flesh and that is what the zombies are regularly eating. If you know all about Close Encounters Of The Third Kind then take our online movie quizzes. 

A crazy movie quiz for Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977) buffs. Try it to and see if you are a movie buff.

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    What film, starring Teri Garr as Ronnie Neary, was released in 1977?

The day that humanity has dreaded has come! Alien spaceships have filled the Brooklyn skyline and are poised to attack! The alien spacecraft are transmitting more data than the Department of Defense can handle, and required the...

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    The Three Core Design Principles for TM1 are to Design for Functionality, Design for Maintainability and to Design for Performance. Which of the following statements is true in relation to these design principles? (2 points)