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A comprehensive database of citizen quizzes online, test your knowledge with citizen quiz questions. Our online citizen trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top citizen quizzes.

Citizen Questions and Answers

  • Do you believe all the information you see on the internet?

  • Are you interested in modern technology?

  • Do you know how to stay safe online?

  • What does the Statue of Liberty represent?

  • Which characteristic is a hero likely to have? 

  • A budget is:

  • What are the likely three tenets of the Unions Law?
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  • You search a man within District Two, on his person you find the following:1 Waxxs Tonic1 Radio2 Bandages1 Sheet of PaperWhat charges seem to fit the above situation.
    Citizen question from

  • What is the minimum amount of units for a standard sweep of District Two?
    Citizen question from

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