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Circulatory Questions and Answers

  • How many types of circulation are there?
    Circulatory question from

  • Blood cells come in both red & blue colours
    Circulatory question from

  • Which of the following are false?(You can choose more than one option)
    Circulatory question from

  • The heart valves control blood flow from the atria to the ventricles, and ensure blood flows through your heart in the right direction

  • Why are ventricle walls thicker than atria walls?

  • Blood is

  • The epicardium is one of the three layers of the heart. It is:
    Circulatory question from

  • The atrial muscle of the heart produces a hormone that
    Circulatory question from

  • The generation of impulses in the normal heart is the responsibility of which of the following structures?
    Circulatory question from

  • The liquid part of blood is the

  • The heart of a human contains ____ chamber(s).

  • The valve that lets oxygen blood from the left atrium enter into the left vetricle is the

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