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Cinder Questions and Answers

  • What is the name of Cinder's andriod helper?
    Cinder question from

  • Which family member of Cinder's becomes ill with letmosis?
    Cinder question from

  • Who is the Queen of Luna
    Cinder question from

  • Someone says your friend cheated on her homework, and shes about to get detention. What do you do? (unlikely situation, but whatever)

  • Somebody steals your diary and reads it all, then spills it all out at school. What next?

  • A handsome guy winks at you in class. Youre supposed to be taking notes, what do you do?

  • What is Peony and Pearl's relationship to the main character, Cinder? (Hint that may help you: Pearl is very unpleasant and rude to Cinder, but Peony secretly likes Cinder.)
    Cinder question from

  • Why is Cinder disliked by the people in her household and most of society?
    Cinder question from

  • What horrible tragedy is devastating Earth and leaving the Lunar Queen, Levana, willing to bargain for the resolution?
    Cinder question from

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