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Born in Washington DC, American actor Christopher Meloni is probably best known for his role on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. As Eliot Stabler, Meloni appeared in Law and Order from 1999 – 2011. Did you know that before Detective Stabler, he appeared in Oz? And that when he was offered the Law and Order part, he juggled both series for four years?

If you also recognize Meloni from film, can you name the famous actress and model he starred with in Runaway Bride? Or name his character in the film Bound? Do you know which role Meloni took in the TV series Dinosaurs?  If you know the answers to these questions, try our quizzes today and see how high your high score really is.

Do you know enough about Christopher Meloni? Take this quiz and find out

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  • Sample Question
    Where did Christopher Meloni attend college?

Brush your knowledge on Actor Christopher Walken with these quiz questions.

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    What movie directed by Michael Cimino starred Christopher Walken and John Savage?

Can you score the highest in this Christopher Meloni quiz? play this if you can beat your friends.

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  • Sample Question
    Who appeared in "Runaway Bride" and "Oz"?

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