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Chinese Cinderella Questions and Answers

  • How old was Adeline when her biological mother died?
    Chinese cinderella question from

  • Niang offered PLT to Adeline's dad who wanted to test Jackie's obedience.
    Chinese cinderella question from

  • What did Adeline name her duckling?
    Chinese cinderella question from

  • Why did Adeline step back into the storm to walk into her house despite being driven for most of the way home by Dr Wu?
    Chinese cinderella question from

  • On page 65 of the book, Third Brother mentioned his motto to Adeline to be a cold fish. What does being a cold fish mean?
    Chinese cinderella question from

  • Why were Niang, Fourth Brother and Adeline let into the Peninsula Hotel for afternoon tea so quickly despite the long line of customers?
    Chinese cinderella question from

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