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Child Abuse Questions and Answers

  • How many forms of child abuse are there?
    Child abuse question from

  • What % of abused and maltreated infants exhibited symptoms of disorganized attachment?
    Child abuse question from

  • What are the four forms or categories of child abuse?
    Child abuse question from

  • The telephone number for the Hotline to report suspected child abuse is:
    Child abuse question from

  • Which school personnel are required to be trained in the process for reporting suspected missing, abused and neglected child situations?
    Child abuse question from

  • Which entity is the most frequent reporting source of suspected abuse and neglect?
    Child abuse question from

  • The emotional trauma and hurt of child abuse usually lasts:

  • Child abuse is normally found in households with incomes of:

  • What chance do all children have of growing up and entering into a marriage or other significant relationship with a person that was abused or neglected as a child?

  • School staff are required by law to report suspicion of abuse or neglect. Such reporting DOES NOT need prior approval from the school administrator or other supervisor.  

  • Physical abuse may include: Cases in which a child exhibits evidence of a skin bruising, bleeding, malnutrition, failure to thrive, burns, fracture of a bone, tissue swelling, AND there is not justifiable explanation for the condition.

  • Sexual abuse may include: Sexual exploitation (acts such as filming a child for obscene or pornographic purposes).

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