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  • If you capsize, should you .... (choose as many as is appropriate)
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  • Which rule of thumb can help you decide whether to row when the visibility is reduced due to fog? 
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  • Have you done a capsize drill in the last 18 months?
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  • The abbreviation EVS stands for:

  • European Voluntary Service programme,  also known as EVS, started in:

  • EVS is a part of the youth programme of EU called:

  • Do you want to be financially free?

  • What about Facebook?

  • Great Mentoring is Vital!

  • Check is a written order to a natural person that directs such a person to accept certain funds from a third party and deposit it in the bank on behalf of a check issuer. 
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  • What are the three parties of a check?
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  • Check does not have to be made in writting to be negotiable. 
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