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  • What does ZZZ stand for in a Chat?
    What does ZZZ stand for in a Chat?
    Have you ever chatted with someone and in the course of the chat the person used something like zzz but you literally did not understand what it meant. Do you really want to know why and what the use of zzz stand for in a chat. Don't worry, you are getting the answer very soon. zzz is a sign used when chatting to depict the sender is feeling sleepy or getting bored or tired. The use of zzz is also common in comic books, if you read comic books, you would already have an idea. It is used in media where sound effects are not present. The slang word is often used online especially on online chats e.g whatsapp, facebook and emails. Zzz is mostly used at the end of a sentence, you can represent everything in lower or upper depending on how you like it

  • What is another way by which Tom manipulated Julie?1. Not replying to her emails to make her want him2. Spending many hours a day talking to her3. Sending her gifts4....
    What is another way by which Tom manipulated Julie?1. Not replying to her emails to make her want him2. Spending many hours a day talking to her3. Sending her gifts4....
    1. spending many hours a day talking to her-julie said she spent hours each day chatting to tom online. in fact if she did not contact him he would email her many times during the day. this is a sure sign that something is not right. in addition he also never told her what to do. julie was having problems with her parents and tom knew this. so he knew that if he never told her what to do she would like him even more. all he had to do was make a suggestion - wouldnt it be nice if we were together all the time. and julie fell in the trap!

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