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One of the most energizing ways to start the day is a bowl of delicious cereal and cold, refreshing milk. But breakfast cereal is just one of many end products from a group of grasses that produce cereal grain.  So if you’ve got the scoop on all things cereal, take your chances with our cereal quizzes! Whole grains provide which key vitamins to us?

The word “cereal” has its origins in which Roman goddess of the harvest? Is quinoa a true cereal or psuedo cereal? Which type of cereal was most widely produced worldwide in 2012, corn, rice or wheat? What percentage of all food calories worldwide do corn, rice and wheat make up? What year was Cheerios introduced?

What country constitutes the most breakfast cereal consumption worldwide? What company is the world’s leading producer of breakfast cereal? What are the four original shapes of Lucky Charms? If you’ve “had your fill” of other quizzes, time to check out our cereal quizzes.
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Cereal Questions & Answers

What is the difference between other cereals and muesli?
Muesli is a developed cereal that contains oats along with a mixture of other cereals, dried fruit, and nuts. It is minimally processed, and it does not have any added sugar. It is traditionally made of raw, uncooked ingredients. It is also more fill
Should I add milk first, or cereal?
Most people pour their cereal into a bowl first and then add the milk. Then is done so that the milk completely covers the cereal. However, there may be times when you may not be eating the bowl of cereal for a few minutes. If this is the case, then
Which cereal has the most iron?
Post Grape Nuts cereal contains 22.07mg of iron in a cup. Iron is a mineral that the body needs to replenish red blood cells. The cereal boasts 90% of the daily allowance recommended for iron. It is a crunchy baked cereal that comes in many varieties
Does warm milk harm cereals nutritional content?
The temperature of the milk does not affect the nutritional content of the cereal. The only way milk affects the health of the person eating it is if the person ate the cereal with spoiled milk. Then the person would get sick. Even if the person did