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Fauquier County Stockmen's and Livestock Judging Team Beef Breed Identification Practice Quiz Attention: Be sure to enter your name when you begin the quiz to recieve credit for having completed it.

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Beef cattle breeds are raised for meat production and apart from the demand for meat production; owners also use selective breeding to attain certain traits in their beef cattle. The quiz below on beef Cattle Breeds for the...

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A ranch is an area of land, including various structures, given primarily to the practice of ranching. Ranching first started in Texas, with ranches mostly manned by Mexican cowboys called vaqueros. In 1836 Texan ranchers...

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    What tough, strong breed of cattle had the ability to go long periods without water and could survive on a grass only diet was brought to America by Spanish settlers and raised in Texas in the late 1800s?

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    What is the most important aspect of being an idol?

Below is a trivia quiz on cattle branding, and it is perfect for ensuring just how much you know about this function as a cattle owner. This task is perfect when one wants to identify their cattle, and it is perfect for ensuring...

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    Unmarked cattle are called...

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Cattle Questions & Answers

What are CS of Neospora caninum in cattle?
Neospora caninum is known to be one of the main causes why cattle can experience abortion. This is a type of infection that can be spread from one cattle to another. This infection is like a parasite. This type of infection has been recorded from var
TarentaiseTarentaise - The Tarentaise (pronounced TAIR en taze) breed originated in France and was imported into the United States in 1973. Tarentaise cattle are red with dark pigmentation around the eyes and orifices. These cattle are moderate in si
Santa GertrudisThe Santa Gertrudis breed was developed on the King Ranch in Kingsville,Texas. This composite breed consists of 5/8 Shorthorn and 3/8 Brahman. Santa Gertrudis cattle are dark red in color and can be horned or polled. Santa Gertrudis c
How did cattle drivers keep up with which cattle was theirs?
The cattle were branded with a ranch symbol