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  • How many people speak Catalan?
    How many people speak Catalan?
    Between 7 million and 11 million.-we could say that of the 11 million people who live in the catalan-speaking regions, about 10 million use it at least passively, more than 7 million know how to speak it, and at least 5 million use it as their main language of communication. depending on the figure used, catalan ranks differently among the european languages. in the worst-case scenario, catalan has more speakers than danish, slovak, slovenian, estonian, finnish, latvian, lithuanian and norwegian. according to the most optimistic calculation, it is demographically comparable to greek, portuguese and swedish. in any event, catalan is not an endangered language like breton in france or frisian in the netherlands; it has a considerable number of speakers who use it every day in all spheres of society.

  • Catalan most closely resembles.
    Catalan most closely resembles.
    None of the above is correct.-close to 80 percent of all catalan words have a latin origin common to all romance languages. some of the remaining 20 percent resemble corresponding words in spanish, galician and portuguese, while others are more similar to french, occitan or even italian. for example, the catalan word mantega has the same origin as the spanish word manteca, but is different from the french beurre and the italian burro. however, the catalan verb menjar has the same origin as the french manger or the italian mangiare, but is different from the spanish comer.

  • Catalan is present in the media: there is a Catalan TV channel and a newspaper written in Catalan.
    Catalan is present in the media: there is a Catalan TV channel and a newspaper written in Catalan.
    False-there is a complete catalan-language television service in catalonia on tv3, 33, k3 (a channel for children and teenagers) and 3/24 (24 hour news channel).there are also catalan programs on the spanish state channel tve2. in addition to this, there are 112 local television stations, most of which broadcast in catalan. there is a public television channel, canal nou, in the autonomous community of val�ncia. in catalonia, there are four public radio stations which broadcast entirely in catalan. there are two general daily newspapers, avui and el punt, and a number of regional dailies. the spanish language daily newspapers, el peri�dico and la vanguardia, publish a daily version in catalan which now account for almost half of their total sales.

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