Casino Royale Quizzes & Trivia

Casino Royale is one in many Bond films, but the first to star yet another new Bond actor as played by Daniel Craig. This particular film is meant to bring light to Bond’s background, why he is the agent that he is in all of the historical films.

The film follows bond as a new agent, completing his first kill, and being sent on his first big mission. Bond must work in tandem with a female agent sent from another agency, in spite of preferring to work alone. As events turn and bets are made, the stakes are raised as he almost misses his opportunity to complete the mission. After falling for his female counterpart, he decides to give up the game, to retire early and never return to the world of an agent, but learning of her betrayal he swears off woman and becomes the womanizer everyone knows and loves. If you think you are a Bond expert, take one of our quizzes to find out. 

Casino is a 1990s movie starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone to name just a few big names starring in the movie. It was directed by the greatly acclaimed director and producer Martin Scorcese. The movie was a great...

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    When was the movie released?

Casino is one of the 1990s most successful movies and to be honest, most of Martin Scorsese of not all, are amazing movies. His movies take us into a universe that we don't really want to see but which also shows us the...

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    Who plays the role of Ace in the movie?

What character are you in Casino Royale (2006) movie?

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    How does Vesper die in the movie "Casino Royale"?