Carrot Top Quizzes & Trivia

His giant mop of curly orange hair and outstanding features may be hard to miss, but this comedian seems to turn up everywhere. If Carrot Top seems to be a reoccurring theme in your life, maybe it’s time to take one of our comedy-filled quizzes on this iconic jokester.

When he’s not performing prop comedy and making fun of himself at his headlining show in Las Vegas, he’s popping up in cameos on television shows or cell phone commercials. From Family Guy to Tosh.0 to Cash Cab, if you’ve been seeing Carrot Top in more places than just Vegas, find out what you really know about this red-headed stand-up icon – take our fun trivia quizzes for a good laugh and a dose of Carrot Top facts.

Carrot Top is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, producer, director and singer. This outstanding comedian is best know for his impeccable sense of humor and his bright, curly ginger hair.  How familiar are you...

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Carrot Top is an American actor and comedian who has been making us laugh in his standup comedy. But what do you know about him? Take this quiz to find out.  

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    What is his actual name?