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What do you know about captain Marvel? Who was   her love interest? What powers did she have? You think you know know her well let us know!!

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    Which year did she first appear in a marvel comic?


Captain Marvel Questions & Answers

Will Captain Marvel be the biggest hit of 2019 according to you?
It is impossible to say for sure since the movie has not been released yet, but a lot of fans are saying they are very excited to see it and some are even planning group showings on opening day. The amount of money that people spend to see the movie
When will Captain Marvel hit the screens worldwide?
The movie Captain Marvel will be released and begin showing in theaters on March 8th, 2019. Many people voted that Captain Marvel is one of the movies fans are most excited about. Captain Marvel is a Marvel universe superhero. This movie will be abo
What role will Jude Law play in the new Captain Marvel movie?
Jude Law will play the role of Mar-Vell in the Captain Marvel series. His role is to be the original Captain Marvel before the powers were passed on to Ms. Marvel. Mar-vell will serve as the mentor to Ms. Marvel. It can be expected that people will s
Who are the star casts of upcoming film Captain Marvel?
Marvel movies are known for having a lot of amazing actors and actresses in the cast for their hit movies. The newest Marvel film which has already gained a lot of popularity with many fans of the movies very excited is called Captain Marvel. Just as
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