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There is little that Caprice Bourret hasn’t done – she’s an actress, model, TV personality and now a businesswoman. Born in California, Caprice now lives in London and mostly works in the UK. Having appeared on over 250 magazine covers, Caprice has graced the front pages of Vogue, Esquire and GQ as well as being named Inspirational Woman of the Year for three consecutive years by Maxim.

But what else do you actually know about the blonde bombshell? What year did she take part in Celebrity Big Brother? In 1998 Caprice hosted her very own UK television show called Caprice’s Travels – but where did she travel to? If you think you can guess then take these quizzes now. 

Caprice Bourret is an American businesswoman, actress, model and TV personality. Former world's sexiest woman runs a successful lingerie line and is one of the most photographed ladies. How well do you know her ?

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Caprice Bourret is an American actress, born and bred in one of the popular American states. She's known for Nailing Vienna movie and Jinxed In Love movie. The popular actress Caprice Bourret is one of the most popular blonde...

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    She starred in the British independent movie Perfect Woman in which of these years?

Caprice Bourret is an American Model. She has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities, and Caprice is a patron to Woman’s Trust and Brain Tumour Research, Tikva, Jewish Care. Caprice settled in England in her...

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    Bourret has appeared on more than how many magazines?

The following quiz questions are on Caprice Bourret the American business woman, model, actress and TV host.

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    Which of these products was Caprice known for in the late 90's?

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