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  • What is a baby camel called?
    What is a baby camel called?
    A baby camel is often called a calf. Camels are often recognized by the humps on their backs. There can be one or two humps. These humps are actually fatty deposits. No one is quite sure why the camels store fat like this, up in the humps, but they do nonetheless.   The more recognizable camel is the single-humped camel, since these are the ones that are featured in many movies that take place in the Middle East and Africa - since this is where they most often live. However, the camel is not immune to the activities of humans. Other than being used as a transport animal for many millennia, it is bred for meat, hair, and milk when it can be.

  • Which shape are a camels blood cells?
    Which shape are a camels blood cells?
    Camels have oval-shaped red blood cells. However, their red blood cells don’t have nuclei; this is another myth that circulates. This is actually an interesting evolutionary change in the camel’s blood. Camels, as most people know, can go for a long time without water. Due to this, their blood can soak up and expand by two hundred and forty percent when they drink water and hydrate. Most other animals can only expand their red blood cells by a hundred and fifty percent while hydrating.The oval shape of a camel’s blood cell also allows them to go long periods of time without rehydrating for another reason. This specific shape allows the blood to dehydrate without thickening too much. This allows the camel to dehydrate without worrying about their blood thickening.

  • How many stomachs does a camel have?
    How many stomachs does a camel have?

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