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You must know that camels are considered to be the “ships of the desert,” but how many of you know other interesting facts about this fantastic creature? Check out fun online camel quizzes to enhance your learning.
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The word "camel" is derived from the Latin word Camelus. They have a body and a thick skin which allows them to survive in a very hot environment. They have a record of being one of the animals that can go for a very...

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    How many years can a Camel live?

Camel are friendly animals with a characteristic hump which contains fatty tissues. The use of camels as work animals is popular in less civilized world. Also, camels are used for transporting passengers and cargo from a place to...

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    What is the characteristic organ on the throat of camels called? 

Camels are large animals that have a prominent hump(s) on their back. They are often domesticated for labor, as a source of food and textile. Given their large size and nature, they are used in the transportation of goods and...

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    How many sets of eyelids do feral camels have? 

Camels are large animals commonly used in fields as a work animal. Camels are active animals that can be used to transport humans as well as cargo. Their tolerance to drought makes them to live in deserts comfortably. Camels...

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    Which of these is not a kind of camels?


Camel Questions & Answers

What is a baby camel called?
A baby camel is often called a calf. Camels are often recognized by the humps on their backs. There can be one or two humps. These humps are actually fatty deposits. No one is quite sure why the camels store fat like this, up in the humps, but they d
What is the average life expectancy of a camel?
The average life expectancy of the camel is around forty years. THe camel is best known for the humps it displays on its back. The hump is actually made up of fatty deposits that just sits there acting as a spot of insulation and a spot of extra fat
Which shape are a camels blood cells?
Camels have oval-shaped red blood cells. However, their red blood cells don’t have nuclei; this is another myth that circulates. This is actually an interesting evolutionary change in the camel’s blood. Camels, as most people know, can go