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Few films have made the instant impact of Cabaret. It's the perfect transition from theater musical to blockbuster movie, and made a screen legend out of Liza Minnelli as the nightclub singer Sally Bowles in the wrong city in the wrong year. There are few more chilling yet entertaining portrayals of how the Nazi party gained its grip over everyday German life, and all accompanied by some incredibly catchy musical numbers. You adore Cabaret of course, so you're sure to love our Cabaret quizzes.

Minnelli is magnificent, but in which role does Joel Grey steal the film? Which English writer wrote the source story I Am A Camera? What is the club called where Sally performs? What good is sitting alone in your room? Come play some quizzes today, life is a cabaret old chum, so give our questions a play.
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Brush your knowledge on cabaret movie with these quiz questions and score a perfect.

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  • Sample Question
    The 1972 Academy Award for Best Actress went to Liza Minnelli for her performance in what movie?