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Time and again, companies need an idea or a combination of ideas to achieve their objectives and resolve specific issues. Want to know how sharply your mind works when exposed to a business problem? Check out our online business solution quizzes and see how well-versed you are with business evaluation and planning.
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  Answer the following questions based on the information given below:  

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      The above graph shows monthly expenditure of a firm from January to July, during the years 1983, 1984 and 1985. Study the data presented in the above graph and answer the following question: What is the total expenditure during the period under review (7 months) in 1983?  

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    What does a Profile Control?

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    1)      Custom Objects automatically have some standard fields 

Thank you for your interest in the Business Solutions Support Technician.   This position will actively support all financial applications and help manage business processes solutions in a Sarbanes-Oxley compliant...

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    What is the difference bewteen a journal and a ledger?


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When do you use a data loader?
You use the data loader for these following situations: B. When you need to schedule regular loads. C. When you export data for backup purposes. E. When you need to load records that are more than 50,000. If you are not familiar with what a data load
Who may be assigned a workflow task?
There are different users who can be assigned with a workflow task. Based on the given, four out of the five can be provided with a workflow task easily. A workflow will require a certain process that needs to be followed in order to acquire the type
Where will a Campaign associated with a Lead be visible?
Campaign History Report Lead History Report
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