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    The resources used in the production process afre collectively known as

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    A public limited company can advertise its shares and have them quoted on the stock exchange

Business studies exam revision :)

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    The best definition of a sole trader form of business organisation is:

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    Select the odd one out from each of the options below

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    In a SWOT analysis, the 'S' stands for Strengths which is an internal factor.

Business Organisation Questions & Answers

What is an advantage of forming business partnerships with othe firms?
D. The business has access to more capital than a sole trader. There are many benefits that one can get through forming a business partnership with another person, business, or entity. One of them is that a partnership pools their money, resources
Who is a sole trader?
Why is C wrong? thank you very much for clearing out the confusion for me
Which of the following is not a feature of a private limited company?
Private limited companies are actually independent business entities. Its shares are not displayed on the stock exchange. Simply putting, it is like a small retailer in town. This kind of business offers only limited legal protection to its sharehold
Which of the following is not an advantage of joint ventures?
D. Management of the joint venture will never lead to disagreements Partnering in a joint venture can be rewarding. However, when you partner with other people, companies or businesses that don’t share the same views, objective and goals that