Brunch Quizzes & Trivia

Here’s a tasty treat of trivia quizzes for you. If you can’t get up early enough for breakfast or simply can’t wait for lunch then you’ll probably know all there is to know about brunch.

So tuck in and try not to make a meal of answering trivia questions such as these: In which country did brunch originate and in which century? Which famous magazine is believed to have first coined the word brunch? In which type of restaurant would you eat a dim sum brunch? In which country is Friday brunch a tradition?

If you can gulp down the answers to questions like those then you’ll have no problem getting a high score in our Brunch quizzes. Hopefully you’ll find them easy and they won’t give you any indigestion. Of course you can try to answer our questions anytime of the day not just between breakfast and lunch.
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Where shall we Brunch?!!

Questions: 4  |  Attempts:   |  Last updated: Nov 19, 2014
  • Sample Question
    How early you want to meet?

Brunch Test

Questions: 16  |  Attempts:   |  Last updated: Jan 22, 2013
  • Sample Question
    What time must all of the food be out for Brunch?

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